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How to Register Your Child for a Class

1. Create an account for yourself on our Registration Page.

2. Go to MindBody’s Client page.

3. Sign in to your account

4. To add family members and establish relationships in follow these instructions:

  • Click the My Info tab.
  • In the Family Members section, click Add Family Member. Note: You may need to click the Edit link in the top-right corner to make this option appear.
  • Enter the family member’s first and last names, then select the applicable relationship from the menu:
    Child of: Choose this relationship if the family member is your child.
  • Paid for by: If you want to pay for this family member’s classes, enrollments, appointments, and products, tick the Yes button. Your name will be automatically added to any ticket this client begins in the Retail screen.
  • If desired, add additional information about this family member. You can choose to include the family member’s mobile phone number, email address, gender, and birthday.
  • Hit Save when you finish.

5. To register:

  • Click the Kids Programs tab.
  • Scroll to desired progam and click “sign up now”
  • Click “enroll-childs name”
  • Follow prompts to complete sale


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